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Holiday Job Searching

by Linda Green Pierce

Candidates slow down their job search interests during the holiday season, not realizing that this can be the best time to look!

Many of our client corporations have implemented hiring strategies for the new year or have received specific budget and requisition approvals for new positions in the new year.  With those corporation/company approvals ready to go, our clients start aggressively looking for resumes and interviewing new job candidates in December and early January.

So, if you are thinking about a new position, now's the time to seek out a recruiter's contact and aggressively pick up your search. Each year we see that, while our corporations start their hiring efforts, our candidate lawyers decide to wait on their search efforts until after the holidays, assuming that no one will be hiring until after the first of the new year.

Business as usual at companies will slow down on a day-to-day operations standpoint. Our companies and corporations take advantage of this time to do interviewing. Companies can have their budget requisitions pulled back to be used in other departments of the company if they are not acted upon quickly, so they are eager to show interviewing activity in order to keep their budget requisitions!

Waiting until January may cause you to miss some strong, early-in-the-year opportunities. Provide your resume and "wish list" to your trusted recruiter in the holiday season and you will be strategically poised for 2019.