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Second Interviews and the Money Que$tion

From the employer's point of view, a second interview provides a chance to confirm or reject impressions formed during the first interview. From the interviewing candidate's point of view, the second interview is an opportunity to confirm a favorable first interview and receive a job offer. Those who are interviewing you for the second time are looking for: confidence, consistency, energy and enthusiasm -- and they are comparing you to other candidates. This is often the interview where an employer will try to gain your thoughts on salary; the salary question is one that most candidates handle incorrectly. Compensation plans for corporations and many private law firms can vary greatly. The salary question should be answered with something like this:

"It is more important to me to find the right fit. If I am the right person for the position, I am sure you will make a fair offer."

Or: "Most important to me is to find the right position and organizational fit. I am currently compensated at a base salary of X dollars and last year I received a bonus of Y dollars. I am sure you will make a fair offer when we get to that point."