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Second Interviews and the Money Que$tion - by Linda Green Pierce
A short primer on answering the inevitable salary question in an interview.

The Strategic Case for Changing Your In House Job -- by Linda Green Pierce (repeat from a 2007 NWLS newsletter to candidates)
Four example reasons for changing your lawyer in-house job to a new position.

2015: A New Ballgame in Lawyer Hiring By Linda Green Pierce
Pacific NW market trends in lawyer hiring for corporate legal departments and law firms.

Slowly but Surely...Lawyer Hiring Is Returning - Tentatively
Oregon State Bar Bulletin article with quote by Linda Green Pierce of Northwest Legal Search April 2012

Why Didn't I Get a Call Back for the Job?
Possible reasons that your successful first screen with an employer didn't result in a call back.

Should I Go In-House?
Legal Recruiter Linda Green Pierce discusses the option of moving from private law practice to corporate "in-house" practice and offers related advice for making the...

The One-Offer Legal Market
As the market returns to some level of hiring, advice is given to lawyer candidates who may receive one sole offer, and have no other offer to make a comparative analysis. ...

Salary Negotiation Techniques
Put your future employment deal together by deciding your bottom line salary and whether you want a job -- in advance of an offer being extended.

Preparing for the Thaw
Lawyer Recruiter Linda Green Pierce can at last report that she is starting to see and feel a bit of a thaw in the legal hiring market.

Self Assessment, Networking Are Keys to Finding a Job
Article emphasizes value of networking in a difficult hiring market.

Choosing the Best Resume Format
Two basic formats for resumes are Summary Resume or Chronological Resume. Article explains the two resume formats and details how to craft a resume Objective.

Back to Basics
A reminder of the basic building blocks for the job market.

Year 2009 in Gear
Develop a plan of how work year and compensation goals will shape up.

Recessions are Healthy?
Reminder that recessions occur regularly and for lawyers to use this down time for professional and personal development.

Lessons for a Fifth-Year Associate
Senior associates glimpsing the light at the end of the tunnel are given pointers to make it across the finish line to partnership.

What to Ask Your Interviewer
Asking questions in an interview will not only give you a sense of a company’s priorities, but indicate your level of interest to an interviewer.

Leaving a Job Gracefully
Follow the advice of William Shakespeare and be remembered for a graceful exit.

Lessons for a Third-Year Associate
Nine points to ponder as a third-year associate on future and success in law practice.

Don't Talk Yourself Out of a Job
Answering interview questions: the short version vs. the long version. Advice for long-winded lawyers.

Why Are You a Lawyer?
Regardless of how far you've risen in your legal career, it's important to regularly revisit the reasons you chose law as a profession.

Taking Charge of Your Career
Suggestions and ideas for taking an active role in your career planning.

Career Strategy: It Pays to Diversify
While it's still true that a solid career is built on a foundation of position-specific expertise, it's become increasingly important to maintain a balanced portfolio.

Resume Overkill
Most advice about resumes for lawyers is about what to put in; this article looks at what should be left out or minimized.

Acquiring a Rainmaker
Law firms seeking to hire a rainmaker attorney will benefit from this checklist of key strategies to enhance their chances.

How to Answer Interview Questions
Be prepared to interview by reviewing eight of the most commonly asked, basic interview questions.

The Secret to Attorney Interview Success
The outcome of your employment interview will be dependent on your ability to discover needs and empathize with the interviewer.

Hang on to those Kudos!
Attorneys are urged to not only save evaluations, but also the hand-written comments, emails from Partners about their work.

Interviewing Primer
Our dynamic, growing economy has increased job movement for many including associate attorneys.

A Second Chance to Make a First Impression
The second interview is an opportunity to confirm a favorable first interview and increase the chance of going forward to an offer.

Gen X Change the Rules
Forty-five million young adults were born between the mid-1960's and the late 1970's. Dubbed Generation X, they stand out in today's law firms and corporate legal departments.

Happy Returns
Lawyers who left firms find themselves being welcomed back

The Targeted Resume: Getting the headhunter's attention
Since a resume has to capture my attention pretty quickly, a lawyer can greatly increase his or her chances of getting into my company’s database (and thus access to our...

Associate Retention A Rocky Road
Big bucks, condos in Maui, firm-sponsored day care and flexible work schedules. This enticing list is a key reason why law firms are stemming the tide of departing associates...

Musing on Lawyers
Hang On, It's Going to Be a Bumpy Ride

Prosper or Perish
Trends that are changing law firm management

Retention Czar
Law firm giant, Weil, Gotshal & Manges, will appoint a "retention czar" to focus on the causes and cures for associate turnover.

The 2005 Salary Game: Facts and Features for your Future
Associates at law firms and attorneys in legal departments of corporations are asking if this is the year to finally pitch for a raise...

Economic Revival Will Jump-Start 2004 Job Growth
Lawyers giving careful thought to career growth and possible job change are thankfully pushing 2003 out the door and ushering in a 2004 economy that may finally be on their...

Help wanted: Lawyers familiar with internet law
The recruitment requests steadily flow into Linda Green Pierce's office. Local law firms and companies want her to find them lawyers with expertise serving internet clients. or
Despite last April's downturn in the technology stock market, the allure of dot.coms still persists.

Holiday Job Searching
Candidates slow down their job search interests during the holiday season, not realizing that this can be the best time to look!

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November 2, 2015